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Our displaced refugees are in need of classrooms.  They’re begging to return to a safe educational environment.


Mawuh Global Solutions

Mawuh Global Solutions is an International, Development and Humanitarian non-profit, non-political, non-governmental organization with Head Quarters in Montréal Quebec,Canada.
MAWUH is legally registered in Canada, Nigeria and Cameroon. Also present in Ghana providing humanitarian relief and empowerment to refugees in Ghana. This organization is women and youth led with the aim of improving the lives of the under-privilege and helping them to become self-reliant.

Our Mission:

Mawuh’s mission is to reduce extreme poverty and suffering in the lives of vulnerable populations such as the refugees and Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), persons with disabilities, the elderly as well as other underprivileged communities in Africa through capacity building thus helping them achieve self sufficiency to enhance their well being.

Our Objectives:
• To reduce extreme poverty in our refugees and other improvised communities especially by providing relief material in the form of nourishment accommodation and clothing.
• To provide healthcare services, especially in mental health, to assist populations suffering from post traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, depression and other psychosocial problems resulting from the ongoing instabilities and uncertainties.
• To provide free quality education for all especially to the women, girls, children and youths, hence increasing the literacy rate among women, girl child and youths.
Educate the girl child on the prevention of unwanted pregnancies sexually transmissible diseases, proper hygiene application, sexual harassment and abuse.
• To improve maternal health, reducing infant, child and adult mortality. Improvement in physical health, prevention campaign against malaria, tuberculosis, AIDS, HIV and other infectious diseases in the refugee camps and IDPs in forests and other villages or towns and in all the other communities.
• To provide social or community housing to those without homes.
• To provide professional trainings to enhance employability in the field of healthcare, education, technology and agriculture so as to promote sustainable development programs to help boost employment and improve the well being and living standards of the refugees and other vulnerable communities all over.
• Provide Social support to HIV positive parents and children, orphans and other vulnerable or paupers.
Join in school and home-based visits to surrounding communities especially orphanages, and assist care givers in nutrition and hygiene education, adherence care and counseling.
• Prepare workshops or presentation focusing on sanitation and hygiene, HIV & AIDS, human and child rights, drug and substance abuse education and awareness to both the communities and vulnerable families.
• Promote capacity building to the poor especially refugees, IDPs, especially the women, youth, orphans, care givers through conducting training on how to identify income generating activities.

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