Our Goals & who we are

Mawuh Global Solutions is a Humanitarian and developmental non-profit, non-political, non-governmental organization with Head Quarters in Montréal Quebec,Canada.

MAWUH is also legally registered in Nigeria and Cameroon and operational in Ghana.

This organization is women and youth led . Supporting vulnerable populations who include refugees, other migrant persons, newly arrived immigrants, women, girls and youths, elderly and persons with disabilities. Orphans and widows.

Our Mission:

Mawuh’s mission is to reduce or eliminate extreme poverty and suffering among the vulnerable populations in Canada and the world. Through quality education, healthcare assistance, community economic empowerment and humanitarian relief assistance.

Our Objectives:

To provide affordable quality and sustainable education in both career training and general education from early childhood to high school levels (K-12),

Provide affordable healthcare, sustainable economic and technological empowerment as well as providing humanitarian relief assistance like food, shelter and clothing to the vulnerable populations in all our localities who include, the refugees and newly arrived immigrants, Battered and homeless women and children, homeless persons in general, persons with disabilities, providing assistance to the assist the elderly through meal preparation, and providing both physical and emotional support through companionship.

Organize outreaches and information sessions to sensitize the population on hygiene, healthy living, infection control importance of vaccines ,prevention of and education to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and other infectious diseases.

Educate populations through seminars health and wellness on the prevention or management of non communicable diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, asthma, supporting caregivers of Alzheimer’s disease patients and other cognitive impairments with guidance and physical support , mental health support on post traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, stress,depression and other psychosocial problems resulting from the ongoing instabilities and uncertainties of life. Helping the population holistically to help reduce or eradicate extreme poverty and suffering and improve the quality of life in our communities.

Organize workshops to sensitize the community against drug and substance abuse, prevention of unwanted pregnancies and importance of education especially of the girl child to enhance gender equality. Campaigns to stop gender based violence and encourage peaceful existence in homes and communities .

Promote capacity building to the less privileged especially refugees,, women, girls, youth, and othe vulnerable persons through economic empowerment.

To promote agricultural activities among communities to combat hunger and food insecurity.

Train communities on how to protect their environment through waste management and tree conservation.