Our Goals & who we are

The refugees and most of the rural and urban populations or communities live in extreme poverty. As a result, there are large families, high child mortality rates. There is high infant mortality due to the lack of affordable healthcare, many mothers also lost their lives due to birth complications or other common sicknesses such as malaria, tuberculosis, AIDS and other infectious diseases. Many parents cannot afford to educate all of their numerous children, they tend to educate mostly the boys and so the lack of education for girl is a major problem in these communities. This lack of education has led to a very high rate of pregnancy among young girls, lack of opportunities and job growth.

We are faced with a situation here in the refugee camps in Nigeria, other English speaking areas of Cameroon and other communities in Rural Africa where the population is living in extreme poverty. They are not able to afford healthcare and other necessities hence they live with poor water sanitation, food insecurity, and lack of adequate nutrition that has led to malnutrition and other infections diseases. Poor access to healthcare has also lead to a high mortality rate especially within the maternal and infant population. This sense of hopelessness is  breeding violence and conflicts within this already impoverished communities.

Our goal is to put together resources to tackle these problems while empowering the individuals and guide them to self sustainability. We are engaging in a multidisciplinary approach by looking into healthcare, education, nutrition, economic and job opportunities.

Our Mission is to reduce poverty and its effects among vulnerable populations in Africa and other impoverished populations in the world.

Our vision in a year or two is to improve the economy, health, education, nutrition, reduce infant and mother mortality rate among our targeted areas. We would also be able to see a growing population gradually getting out of the poverty level.

Mawuh is created principally to accommodate the many out there who sympathize with the horrible situation of the victims on the grounds and in refugees camps but do not want to share in the political crisis and so refuse to contribute. Join us and save a life

By means of sustainable Development approach, Mawuh empowers the women, girls and youths in refugee camps , IDPs ( Internally Displaced Persons) and other vulnerable populations through education.

Our pilot project amongst others includes the Community Career Academy Secondary School in Ikom, Cross River State in Nigeria.

Mawuh is making free Technical, Vocational and General Educational available to the under privilege in the Ikom Community in Cross River State, Nigeria.